2024 Annual Flushing and Valve Exercising: Ensuring High-Quality Water Service

Each year, Foothills Utilities flushes the pipes in its water distribution system and exercises our valves. This is an essential part of our system maintenance program, which helps us to continue to provide you with high-quality water service. This flushing and exercising program will begin in mid February and take several weeks to complete. For more information, Click Here or contact the customer service office at (928) 342-1238

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Public Notice: Foothills Water & Sewer Rate Adjustment Proposal

 Foothills Utilities has submitted a Rate Application to the Arizona Corporation Commission, seeking approval for changes in rates and charges for water and wastewater services. The proposal includes adjustments to reflect fair value, a request for increased annual utility operating revenues, and the introduction of mechanisms for system improvements and purchased power and water adjustments. Learn about the potential impact on residential customers and participate in the upcoming public hearings to voice your opinions.

For more information, Click Here or contact the customer service office at (928) 342-1238

Click Here to view the Rate Application.

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Foothills Virtual Public Meeting

Foothills Utilities held a virtual public meeting on December 20, 2024, related to the investments made at Foothills and the rate case filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Click Here to view a recording of the meeting.

Click Here to view the Power Point presentation. 

Enhancing Infrastructure: Foothills Utilities 2023 Capital Investments and Improvements

Foothills Utilities is making significant strides in infrastructure enhancement in 2023. From wastewater station upgrades and advanced odor control systems to the implementation of cutting-edge smart meters, the utility company is committed to ensuring efficiency, reliability, and high-quality service for its customers. For more information, Click Here or contact the customer service office at (928) 342-1238

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New Billing Program and Payment Options Coming Soon

We are delighted to announce that we will be transitioning to a new billing system starting this Fall. During this transition period you may experience higher wait times calling in to our office, as well as receiving delayed email responses. This will be due to the implementation of our new billing system. For more information, Click Here or contact the customer Service Office at (928) 342-1238

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Water Meter Replacements Aug. 14th

This message is to notify you that starting August 14th, 2023, Foothills Utilities will begin a water meter replacement project requiring water meters 5/8-inch and larger to be replaced. These changes come with new meters that will provide accurate and equitable metering to establish reliability for our customers and their billing. We advise that you flush out lines after the installation is complete to ensure that all lines have fresh water that has been circulated. The new meter replacement project is mandatory and will continue to be conducted throughout this upcoming new year. For more information about this water meter replacement project, Click Here or contact the customer service office at (928) 342-1238

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About the company

Far West Water & Sewer, Inc. became Foothills Utilities on October 5, 2022. This milestone comes after 25 years of serving our community and brings with it the promise of new investment and a commitment to serve you for many more years to come.

Foothills Utilities is a part of NW Natural Water, which provides water distribution and wastewater services to approximately 150,000 people through 62,000 connections. NW Natural Water’s parent company, NW Natural Holdings, has a 163-year history of providing safe and reliable infrastructure to support the communities we serve and we have regularly been recognized for high-quality customer service by J.D. Power.

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